Quarry Tile


Quarry Tile

4” x 8” = $100.00

Replica Tiles also available for an additional $50 plus S&H

4” x 4” = $50.00 *Plus S&H,



Ruidoso Midtown Association (RMA) is continuing its fundraising efforts by offering a way to support our efforts in advancing the streetscape and creating community space within Ruidoso MainStreet district.

Ruidoso Midtown Engraved Tile Project allows you to purchase a custom made 4”x 8” quarry tile that will be permanently installed on the North facing exterior wall at the Midtown Public Restroom Project. The fundraising project will continue support RMA’s efforts in creative projects in the Ruidoso Midtown district.

The engraved tiles are perfect for honoring your family name, celebrating a precious memory, or memorializing a loved one. These tiles will forever leave your legacy within the Ruidoso Midtown District while helping raise funds for future physical improvements, business developments, and special event projects.

The reasons for purchasing a tribute brick are limitless, but here are a few ideas:

Remember a loved one:
– Family member, friend, military member, or pet. Celebrate a precious memory:
– Birthday, anniversary, or special day.

*No vulgar languages, political propaganda, or negative content/context.

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